Gelato Italia Ice Cream


Slow churn, intensely flavoured, Italian-style, artisan gelato.

Our fresh handmade Gelato is traditionally prepared using the finest ingredients, including fresh milk and some cream.

Our Italian Gelato chefs can create the most authentic flavours, which are rich in taste, to produce a true taste of Italy. You don’t have to be an ice cream connoisseur to taste the difference of our gelato.

We like to keep things simple…

We always insist on using the finest ingredients we can find, hand make our gelato with care in small batches. If your desired flavour is not listed below, please contact us for special order flavours.


Banana, Banoffee, Biscoff, Bubblicious Bubblegum, Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream, Classic Vanilla, Coconut, Cookies, Espresso, Gelato Reo, Gelato Rocher, Kinda Pingu Egg, Malaga Run & Raisin, Malters, Mint Chocolate Chip, Nutty-Ella, Pink Cotton Candy, Salted Caramel Crunch, Sicily Pistachio, Sneaky, Strawberry, White Choc & Honeycomb, White Choc Chip

Unit Size

1 x 5ltr

Phone 01473 625462 or email