• Apple flavour water ice lolly
  • Banana flavour ice
  • A thick cookie dough centre in vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips dipped in a chocolatey coating.
  • Blackcurrant flavoured water ice
  • The ONLY branded coconut ice cream in the UK. Smooth Coconut dairy ice cream coating in delicious chocolate with crunchy coconut inclusion.
  • Biscuit cone (12%) with chocolate flavour coating (8%) filled with vanilla flavour ice cream, milk chocolate buttons (6.5%) and chocolate sauce (6.5%), topped with milk chocolate (12%).
  • Honeycomb Ice Cream Coated in Milk Chocolate and Popping Candy
  • Vanilla flavour ice cream dipped in milk chocolate.
  • Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream with the Richest Creamiest Chocolate Centre. Suitable for Vegetarians.
  • Biscuit cone with chocolate flavour coating filled with vanilla flavour ice cream, milk chocolate Flake bar and topped with milk chocolate curls.
  • Calippo

    Push up fruit ice lollies are the perfect way to enjoy that summer feeling all year round! Made with no artificial colours and flavours, Calippo lollies are a burst of fun fruit refreshment.
  • Cherry flavour water ice
  • Cola Flavour Lolly
  • For over 50 years, Walls been perfecting their recipe to make every Cornetto taste even better than the last. If you ask them, you just can’t beat the perfect combo of ice-cream, a crunchy cone and chocolatey tip!
  • Vanilla ice cream with pieces of cocoa cookie sandwiched between cocoa biscuit
  • Lemonade flavour ice lollies. Suitable for vegetarians. Each individually wrapped lolly is 75ml. There are 24 lollies in this wholesale trade bulk pack.
  • White chocolate and caramel flavour ice creams in a biscuit cone (12%), with chocolate flavoured coating, salted caramel sauce (11%) and white chocolate curls (3%). Caramel ice cream, White chocolate curls, Salted caramel sauce, White chocolate ice cream, Crunchy wafer, Salted caramel sauce, Caramel ice cream, Extreme® chocolatey tip
  • A delicious strawberry ice cream and cream flavour ice cream in a biscuit cone with chocolate flavour coating and red fruit sauce.
  • Feast

    Chocolate flavour ice cream with a solid chocolate flavour nugget core and crisp chocolate flavour coating studded with biscuit bits.
  • Festival

    Solid chunk of chocolate covered with a minty or chocolate ice cream with chocolate and crunchy bits.


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